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Once upon a time a young girl had a dream, that dream was to work on American Vogue, that dream didn’t come true, but her trusty assistant on Harpers & Queen, Anna Wintour, went on to do just that. But she was no cinders, sitting at home, instead she leapt on the Trans-Siberian Railway, journeyed to Japan, where she continued working as a fashion stylist, creating many interesting images, meeting wonderful talented people, including Kansai Yamamoto, who went on to design stage costumes for Ziggy Stardust. Rumour has it that David Bowie saw her fashion shoot in Harpers & Queen, tracked down Kansai, and summoned him to New York, the rest is history.


Back in London, that same stylist has gone on to shoot fashion pages for most of the major publications, TV appearances, and costume designer for numerous films.


That stylist is me, Jillie Murphy, and I thank you for listening, I hope you like a small selection of work from over the years, as much as I have enjoyed working on them.


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    Jillie Murphy - Fashion Editor / Celebrity Stylist